We are the first healthtech company that works daily towards beating breast cancer. We raise awareness and provide high quality diagnostic imaging and patient follow-up in order to achieve early diagnosis while making sure no woman feels alone in the process.
This task is very close to our hearts and we would like to share it since it’s about caring for women, our women. This is why we invite companies, organizations, health centers and governments to join us and lead the way for others to participate.
We can all be a part of this cause by joining forces and defeating breast cancer together in October and all year round. Head to our HOME page to meet all the organizations that already support us.

Want to take part? There are many ways to do so. If this is important to you, please contact us.



Every woman that enters our system is an opportunity to spread awareness; to ask a friend, a sister, to join them, to get checked. There is no better empowerment and self-care than getting an annual check.

Would you like to share your experience with other women?

You can be part of a movement that is defeating breast cancer!


When your patient takes Mamotest experience, they will have their studies carried out with the best digital mammograms in the country and high quality results will be available on the web to both you and them within 24 hours.

Doctors in the network receive statistical reports on their patients and a follow-up of high risk cases at no cost.

In addition, if we receive patients that are not registered with a doctor, we are able to provide them with one from our team.
Let’s work together to beat breast cancer