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We are the digital solution based on AI

transforming care delivery by democratizing access to screening & diagnosis while providing an efficient path to treatment.

The highway for oncologic solutions.

Creating a new health system that keeps us safe.

Drastically decrease breast cancer deaths.

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We transform the fear of a breast study into a memorable experience. With results in 24hrs, information, support and accompaniment throughout the process during and after the study.
You are part of a multidisciplinary medical network, that’s defeating breast cancer, through our high-quality digital platform which contains all medical records.
You get the opportunity to connect your mastographer to the most advanced technology, with specialized radiologists and patient support through their journey. Join the largest network in the world!
We guarantee efficiency in the process from high-quality screening to diagnosis and access to personalized treatment. Centralizing and analyzing structured and anonymized data during the whole process.
Generate high impact inside your network of collaborators, taking concrete decisions for their care, directly impacting your community. Are you ready to join?
Take leadership in specific actions which impact into your community, decreasing women mortality and making the public health budget more efficient.

How we manage to do this?
Providing the best patient support experience worldwide.

Customized Screening Program
Psychological Support
Personalized Treatment
Data Collection
Anonymized Data Structuring

Data results

health professionals
first 100% patient journey traceability in LATAM
of our patients reach early treatment (saving their lives)


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